Prompt 131

post_11124_companyDescribe the most recent moment when you couldn’t think of anything to say. Were you having a hard time making conversation, or were you simply dumbfounded?

I have had quite a few interviews recently and a lot of interviewers have asked questions I did not know how to answer. My most recent interview is the perfect example.

First, I was interviewed by three people at once, which is always nerve-wracking.

Second, two of the three were quote emotionless so I did not know how to read them. One of the two asked this question:

The CEO is out of the office at a meeting. Since he is based in another office and does not know the area, he needs a car service to take him to his next location. He calls to tell you his meeting is over but before he can give you the location his phone dies. How do you send him a car?

My first question was, “Do I have access to his calendar to find the address there?”

He said, “All the calendar says is, ‘Meeting with so-and-so at this time.”

I asked, “Is there someone I can ask to get his location?”

He said, “No.”

“So no one knows where he is?”


I had no idea how to respond. How do you find someone if no one knows where he is?

After a few seconds of painful silence I said, “I don’t know.”

The only nice person in the office said, “You can always reach out to his team in London for the information.”

Umm… what? You just told me no one knows where he is!

I did not question her, but perhaps I should have. Attention to detail?

Either way, I felt like an idiot.


Prompt 130

Describe something you wanted badly and, once you got it, never used.

I wanted an Ab Lounge. I kept seeing the commercials and was convinced I’d be able to get amazing abs. When I finally got one I used it maybe three times? It was too much of a hassle. I couldn’t keep it assembled because it took up too much space so I had to take it partially apart after every use. Too much work to work out. I’m pretty sure it’s buried somewhere in my parents’ attic now.

Prompt 129

Double spread open blank pages in a journal
What does writer’s block feel like?

Extremely. Frustrating.

I want to write, but I haven’t felt inspired for a long time. I want to finish my novel, but I haven’t really worked on it in almost four years. I see it every day but don’t do anything, even though I have plenty of time. I just keep making up excuses, but I need to write. I miss it.

Prompt 128

What’s stored in your closet?

Since we only have one closet in our apartment there’s a little bit of everything. Dave’s button-ups and pants, my jackets and shoes, Christmas decorations, empty instrument cases, boxes, the iron and ironing board, my violin, painting supplies, our laundry baskets, my laptop bag and digital camera, extra sheets, an air mattress (deflated), a suitcase, a kite, Dave’s old coworker’s desk decorations he never returned, and other miscellaneous… things.

Prompt 127

Go to the Merriam-Webster Word of the Day Web site (, and write a story based on that word.

13 March 2018
laudable | adjective | LAW-duh-bul
Definition: worthy of praise, commendable

Timmy sat on the edge of his bed, staring in disbelief at the money in his hands. Four-hundred dollars was a large amount for anyone, but it was worth so much more to a fifteen-year-old. He could finally buy himself a Switch! Or a new bike! Or even that heart-shaped locket he had been eyeing for his crush. The possibilities were endless! Unfortunately…

Timmy set the money down and picked up the wallet he had found on the bus. Steven Green’s name was everywhere: his license, his college ID, his credit cards… There was no denying who the money truly belonged to.

What do I do? Timmy thought, remembering the money he owed his parents for his cellphone bill. I could really use this… He imagined playing Splatoon with his friends, being able to bike to school again, and the look on Lucy’s face when she opened her present… But he also imagined Steven going to buy groceries or paying his rent and not being able to afford it. What if his mom was sick and the money was for medicine? What if his dog was sick??

Timmy put the money back into the wallet and looked at the address on the license. It was only a few blocks away, but would it be safe to go alone?

“Timmy?” a voice called from downstairs, causing the fifteen-year-old to jump.

“Yeah?” He forgot his mom had a half-day today.

“Could you take Jasper for a walk? I need to get started on these cannolis for later.”

Perfect! “Sure!” Timmy pocketed Steven’s wallet and went downstairs. Jasper was already waiting by the front door, his long tail knocking over shoes in his excitement. The German shepherd stood when he saw Timmy and brought him the leash he had been carrying in his mouth. Timmy scratched Jasper behind the ears as he clasped the leash to his collar. “I’m heading out!”

Timmy stopped automatically at the tree in front of their house. Jasper took a couple sniffs before relieving himself. They started walking again and Timmy grew more and more nervous with each step they took. Jasper was so used to their usual route that he resisted for a moment when Timmy turned down a different street. “We’re going this way, buddy,” Timmy said, tugging the leash slightly to move the seventy-pound dog.

Jasper finally gave it and walked ahead, his tail wagging excitedly at the thought of exploring new territory. Timmy watched the numbers on the houses change, counting down until their destination. When they reached 430 he stopped. “Hold on, buddy.” He reached into his pocket for Steven’s wallet to double-check the address. “430 Lincoln Ave.” Taking a deep breath, Timmy walked to the front door and knocked.

Nothing happened.

He counted to ten and knocked again before seeing someone moving through the curtain. The door opened and there stood Steven. “Can I help you?”

Timmy opened his mouth but suddenly forgot what he was going to say. “Uhh…”

Steven sighed. “Look, if you’re selling something I can’t afford it right now.”

“I-I found your wallet,” Timmy said, showing it to the man. “On the bus…”

Steven took his wallet and immediately opened it, making sure nothing was missing. “It’s all here,” he said, almost in disbelief. He looked at Timmy and smiled. “Thanks, man!”

Timmy smiled shyly. “You’re welcome.” He gestured over he shoulder with his thumb. “I better get going. I gotta help my mom make cannolis…” He turned around and started walking down the front steps.

“Wait!” Timmy turned back around and watched Steven pull a fifty-dollar bill from his wallet. “Here.”

Timmy’s eyes widened as the man walked down the steps. “I ca-”

“Yes, you can.” Steven held out the money. “You saved my butt, dude. My credit cards, social security card, rent money…” He moved the fifty closer. “Please take it.”

Timmy stared at the bill then up at Steven. The man was being genuine; Timmy could tell by his eyes. “Okay.” He took the fifty and slowly put it in his pocket just in case Steven changed his mind. “Thank you.”

“No, man, thank you!” Steven smiled again before heading back inside.

Timmy released the breath he did not realize he had been holding. “That… wasn’t so bad,” he said, looking down at Jasper. “Doing the right thing.”

Prompt 126

The richest you’ve ever been.

It’s ironic. I’m currently unemployed and have been for more than a month, but this is the most money I’ve ever had. I’m neither getting unemployment checks nor help from anyone. I just worked at a shitty job last year and they owed me a lot of money, so I went to the Department of Labor in April and finally got that money last week.

Prompt 125

Describe one physical change you would make to yourself if you could and how this would change your life.

I would get rid of the pudge around my stomach and waste. I don’t want a six-pack (although that would be nice), I just want a flatter stomach and curvier waistline.

I think this would make me more confident in myself. I would be able to wear some shirts and dresses I avoid wearing because I bulge out in certain areas, and I’d be able to wear a bikini at the beach and not have to hold in my gut.