About the Blog

For my birthday in 2015 my wonderful boyfriend, Dave, gifted me a book titled 642 Things to Write About. After a particularly stressful period that year I had been struggling to get back into writing and he thought this would be a great way to ease back into it. The book is full of 642 writing prompts and I’ve been trying to complete at least one randomly a day.

I’ve done quite a few of them so far but Dave came up with another great idea. He suggested writing the prompts and my responses to them online as sort of a blog to put my work out there again. Writing for myself is one thing but to have my words public again is a completely different story. I wouldn’t say I’m an amazing writer, and some of the prompts/responses are just downright silly, but I’d like to be a more active online writer again.

So while I post the prompts and my responses I invite you to comment with your own responses if you wish. I think it’d be a great way to see how others interpret these prompts in their own unique way.