Prompt 114

What did you wear to prom? How did you get your outfit, and what happened to it?

To junior prom I wore a very simple strapless, light blue dress and silver flip-flops with maybe a half-inch heel. I don’t remember the jewelry. Probably simple as well.

For my senior prom I wore a white strapless dress with a light green sash around the middle and an embroidered green floral design on the bodice. The shoes were plain white heels and again, I don’t remember the jewelry. My cousin did my hair and makeup both times.

I didn’t buy my dresses at the local mall because my high school was small and I didn’t want to risk wearing the same dress as someone else. I’m pretty sure my dad drove me both times and paid for my junior dress while I paid for the senior one. They were on the cheap side because I knew there wasn’t a point spending a lot of money on something I was going to wear once for just a few hours.

Both of my dresses are still in my bedroom closet at my parents’ house. I’d like to alter them so I can wear them again. At the very least the white and green one.


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