Prompt 111

53a04b999ef60_-_cos-running-into-your-ex-lps39a-mdnWrite a scene in which a person is leaving a restaurant with her husband and bumps into a former lover. What words are exchanged or not exchanged? What do her body positions say?

Shannon laughed after Randy’s sarcastic response. “You know I wasn’t being serious, right?” she asked, looking over her shoulder as she held the door for her husband. “I just-” Shannon stopped talking as someone bumped into her and knocked her phone from her hand. “Hey!”

“I’m so sorry!” the man said, picking up the phone and handing it to Shannon.

“Watch where you’re going, buddy” Randy said as his wife examined her phone for scratches.

“I know, I’m sorry.”

Shannon slipped her phone into her pocket and glared at the man. Her anger, however, shifted to shock when she recognized him. “Adam?”

The man looked confused before recognition crossed his face. “Shannon?”

Shannon simply stared at Adam, unable to believe who she was seeing. It had been more than ten years since she last saw him. Back then he was skinny and baby-faced, but the man in front of her now clearly worked out and had joined in on the hipster beard fad. To be frank, he looked hot.

Randy cleared his throat and his wife immediately turned to him. “Oh! Randy, this is Adam. Adam, this is my husband, Randy.” Shannon slipped her hand into Randy’s.

“‘Husband’?” Adam asked, surprised. “I mean, obviously. Of course you’re–Pleasure to meet you, man.” He held out his hand and Randy warily accepted. “A-anyways,” Adam continued. “I have to get going. It was great to see you, Shannon. You… you look good.” He forced himself to smile and gave a quick wave before leaving.

“So that was Adam,” Randy stated after a beat.

Of course he knew about Adam, he was Shannon’s first love and they dated for three years in college. She was the one who did the leaving, but it was not because he did anything wrong. They just had different plans and those plans did not mesh.

“That was Adam.” Shannon squeezed Randy’s hand and looked up to see his expression. He was clearly thinking about something. Maybe he was comparing himself to the other man? “Hey, let’s go home.” Shannon suggested. “We still have that cheesecake in the fridge and it’s calling my name.”

“Yeah… sure.”

“Hey.” Shannon squeezed her husband’s hand again so he would look at her. “I love you, okay? I’m married to you and we have a beautiful life together and the reappearance of an ex doesn’t change any of that.” She pressed his hand to her belly and smiled. “This is proof of that.ย Ourย child.”

Randy sighed and smiled as well. “I know,” he said, wrapping his wife in a hug. “I know.”


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