Prompt 108


Imagine you are unable to speak for a year. What would you do to communicate, and what impact would it have on your relationships? What would you be saving up to say at the end of the year?

Thanks to technology these days it would be easy to communicate. There’s texting and email–which I would probably use the most–or if someone was in front of me I could just type a note on my phone and show him/her the screen. And if the battery died I could always resort to pen and paper or a marker and dry-erase board. So exchanging words would be easy but conveying tone and emotions would not. Yes, there are emojis, but do they really get the point across? I have misinterpreted and had my own texts misinterpreted multiple times already while I can speak. It’s rough and can put a strain on relationships. I call my family at least once a week and that connection would be lost. They could call to talk so I could still hear their voices but I wouldn’t be able to respond. There is Skype and we could see each other’s facial expressions while they spoke and I typed, but it’s not an ideal situation. Probably the biggest thing I would miss saying is, “I love you.” Three simple yet powerful words. I would hate not being able to say them.


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