Prompt 107


A day in the life of the person sitting next to you.

This fellow wakes up promptly at 7:00 AM every morning. Having already showered the night before, he freshens up and changes into a pair of black dress pants and a black turtleneck, which he tucks into his pants before tightening his black belt. For breakfast he makes a smoothie with fresh fruit, kale, and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. He pours the smoothie into his Blender Bottle and continues to get ready.

He grabs his backpack from the foot of his bed and packs his dress shoes, an extra pair of socks, his cellphone charger, and a book for the train. Today is Inferno. He shoulders his bag and returns to the kitchen for his smoothie.

He finally takes a sip as he walks down the front hallway. He sets his bag and smoothie down momentarily to slip into his worn-out sneakers and puffy winter jacket. After making sure he has his cellphone, wallet, and keys, he is finally ready to leave his apartment for the day.

He walks a few blocks to the 6 stop on E 86th. He reads his book and drinks his smoothie until 51st, where he transfers to the M. At Herald Square he gets off and walks two more blocks to the dance studio.

He claims a spot on one of the couches and sets his things down. He strips out of his jacket and changes into his dress shoes. He is early for his first lesson at 9:15 AM so he warms up a little before his student arrives. He watches quietly as she removes her jacket and changes her shoes. They exchange a brief greeting then dive straight into the lesson. He is booked solid for the rest of the day and cannot afford to dilly dally.

His first lesson ends and he sees his next student is already here. They start to dance before his first student has even left the dance floor. Woman number two has him for two sessions so they wrap up an hour and a half later.

It is now 11:30 AM, one more lesson before lunch. This time it is a couple preparing for their wedding dance. As soon as the lesson is over he is changing back into his sneakers and throwing on his jacket. He is in the elevator and out the door, heading to his favorite café for a mixed green salad with raspberries and orange segments. He takes it back to the studio and watches videos of old dance competitions while he eats. He deliberately eats only half, saving the second half for dinner.

The rest of his day passes the same as the beginning. His last lesson wraps at 8:15 PM and he returns to the couch to finish his salad. He chats with a couple other instructors, says goodnight to the young woman at the front desk, and returns to his quiet apartment.

He hangs his jacket and removes his shoes, sighing heavily as he walks to the bedroom. He drops his bag at the foot of the bed and heads to the bathroom to shower. He brushes his teeth, fills a glass of water, and is in bed promptly at 11:00 PM.


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