Prompt Ninety-Six

Your worst experience on an airplane.

I just went on a trip to the Philippines with my mom and brothers and including layovers, traveling to Rizal took 36 hours. 

We left Buffalo at 6:30 a.m. and flew maybe an hour to Detroit where we had a five-hour layover. I was grumpy from lack of sleep and waiting so I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with people. 

When we got on the plane to Tokyo–a flight that was 12 hours–I found a woman in my seat. She was Asian (I didn’t realize she was Filipino at the time) and didn’t speak fluent English so communicating was difficult.

First she told me she couldn’t be separated from the woman beside her. That would not have been a problem if she just moved to her assigned seat on the other side of her companion.

Then she told me her companion couldn’t move because she was handicapped. Again, it wouldn’t have been a problem because she was the one that needed to move.

I realized there was a line behind me and I wasn’t going to be able to convince this woman to move so I had to climb over her and her companion with my backpack to sit in a middle seat for 12 hours.

I was not happy.


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