Prompt Eighty-Seven

img_8429Open your medicine cabinet. Catalog every pill, ointment, and product. What conditions do they treat and how does the whole lot add up to a statement about your mortality?

At Jessica’s… Her medicine cabinet (the actual one behind the bathroom mirror) contains only a few things and most of them are mine. Her things are eyeshadow, mascara, and two Benadryl that obviously treat allergies. My things are eyeliner I never use, red lipstick, mascara, foundation, eyeshadow, my retainers, and ibuprofen. Commenting on what belongs to me, I would say the makeup is meant to maintain a youthful but at the same time grownup appearance. I don’t have anything for wrinkles just yet so I am still in the prime of my life. I don’t want to have anything that will make me feel old. I’m neither close nor ready for that. The ibuprofen is meant to get rid of pain, which is something I do not enjoy feeling. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Any of it. However, pain is something you cannot always escape. It’s a sign of life. The ibuprofen may treat it temporarily  but it will come back again. I use two for menstral cramps which are the worst! And one for headaches. This is a clear sign of the pain I am more willing to tolerate.


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