Prompt Seventy-Nine

Start a story with the line “Everyone whispered about ___, but no one had the courage to talk to her.”

Everyone whispered about Gina, but no one had the courage to talk to her. She knew things would be different when she returned to school, she just never imagined they would be this bad. One month ago she had disappeared. Everyone thought she had run away or was pulling another terrible joke but that was not the case. She had been take from her home and could not tell anyone the truth. After all, who would believe her when she told them she had been abducted by aliens? That they ran experiments on her and tested her in every way imaginable? She did not know why she was chosen or what the aliens were looking for but they must have found it because they returned her to her home and left as if nothing had happened. When her parents found her in her room and tried to get her to tell them where she had gone she remained silent. No one could get the story from her so they created their own. To this day no one knows the truth about the month Gina went missing.


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