Prompt Seventy-Three

You are a radio disc jockey who has been handed a news alert about an explosion downtown. People are to evacuate the area. What do you say or do on air as further information does (or does not) come into the station?

Coming up ne–I’m sorry, what? Pardon me, folks… Wow… This just in. There was an explosion just moments ago at the Kodak building downtown. Employees and residents in the area are asked to evacuate immediately. Emergency response is on their way to the scene. Again, residents and employees are asked to evacuate immediately. No news yet at to what caused the explosion. Fire fighters are on the scene now. Wow… I’m looking out the window and I can see smoke all the way over here. And I could’ve sworn I felt the building shake earlier… Emergency response is escorting people out of the area and blocking it off at a one-mile radius. Wait… That means I have to go. Yeah, emergency response is in our building now. Sorry, folks, I’ve updated you as best I could. Tune into our sister station WDLR for current information on the explosion at Kodak.”


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