Prompt Seventy


Begin a story describing only two hands. Use the physical characteristics of the hands, as well as any relevant activity or movement, gesture, fidgeting, and so on, to reveal who the hands belong to.

Left. Left. Left. Left. Left. A thin thumb swiped lazily across the screen of an iPhone 6S, its perfectly manicured nail making a soft click every time the finger was brought back to the phone. Out of habit the thumb moved to swipe left again but hesitated. The phone user brought her other delicate hand to the device to steady it as she stared down at the screen. The manicured thumb tapped once on the screen and slowly slid up this time. Slow not only because what she was reading was of interest, but also because moments like this were rare and she did not want to make a wrong move. At the bottom of the page the thumb hesitated again. Was it finally going to swipe right? Or would it swipe left yet another time? After a beat the thumb swiped right and the index finger was quick to press the sleep button. That was enough excitement for one afternoon.


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