Prompt Sixty-Eight

Finding a bone in a parking lot.

Working at a restaurant means you never know when you’re going to go home, so I was not surprised when I had to stay until almost one in the morning. As soon as my manager said I could leave I practically ran to clock out and grab my things. Now how my job is set up is there’s the restaurant with a banquet hall and private dining room and a hotel right next door. There’s a big parking lot between the two buildings for restaurant/hotel patrons and a sketchy, poorly lit lot behind the hotel for overflow parking and employees. That’s where I park. I keep my eye out for drivers and creepy people so I don’t pay much attention to where I’m walking. You can imagine my shock when I heard a loud crack after my last step and looked down to find a bone beside my car! My first reaction was to panic because why was there a bone next to my car at one in the morning? My second was to take a closer look. I pulled out my cellphone and turned on the flashlight only to discover it was one of those oversized dog bones. Strangely, I was disappointed. Who doesn’t want to find the remains of a murder victim in a sketchy parking lot behind a hotel?


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