Prompt Fifty-Six

 You are the lawyer in a divorce case. The only point of contention is custody of the dog. Argue that your client should get the pup.

“The dog, more commonly known as Biscuit, should go to my client. Yes, her and Mr. Johnson’s names are both on the adoption papers, but who is the real parent in this relationship? Who spent countless hours house training Biscuit? Who grooms him? Takes him to the vet? Takes him on walks? It is true play time and nap time are also important, but my client has put so much more time and effort into raising Biscuit. There is a bond between them that cannot be broken. Even Biscuit thinks he should go with my client. When Mr. Johnson and my client are in the same room Biscuit will always choose my client. They need one another and it is very plain to see.”


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