Prompt Forty-Four

What was the most recent incident in your life that made you laugh?

I was just telling my sister about something that happened to me this morning and we were both dying! The story starts last night with me eating this large, greasy, messy, super cheesy Philly cheese steak. It was awesome. But I didn’t think it was very awesome when my stomach was upset with me this morning. So I texted my boyfriend telling him how I regretted my decision to eat most of the sub but he didn’t respond right away because he was at work. In the meantime, I was showing my boss a picture on my phone when my boyfriend texted me back and, “Are you shitting your brains out?”popped up in the screen. My boss started laughing and I started laughing out of embarrassment and I just took my phone back and hid. I guess I’m glad I work at a place where conversations like that aren’t out of the ordinary but it was still embarrassing!


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