Prompt Forty-Three

kickinballDescribe your favorite athlete.

I don’t have one. I watch sports occasionally and not enough to know players and keep track of how well they’re doing. I call myself a Buffalo Bills fan but I can only name maybe three players? And I don’t even know if they’re on the team anymore because I don’t pay attention to trades or retirements or whatnot. I also like the All Blacks because I was studying in New Zealand while they were hosting the Rugby World Cup so it was difficult to not get swept up in the national pride. That and the All Blacks are amazing!

So yeah, not big enough on sports to know the players. However! I just realized I can take this in a completely different direction because the prompt doesn’t say “professional athlete,” and since that’s the case my favorite athlete is my little brother Luke. He’s 10, plays soccer and baseball, and is really good at both. When he’s old enough to play for the school teams I’m sure he’ll make varsity in no time. I’m so proud of him! In terms of describing him he’s short and a skinny mini. Brown hair, brown eyes… He looks more like my sister and my other brother looks like me.


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