Prompt Thirty-Six

Describe yourself in the third person-your physical appearance and personality-as though you were a character in a book.

Angelica is not the average girl. While she hates her brown eyes people tell her they are the color of cherry chocolate. Her long, straight hair is also brown but reflects shades of red in the sunlight. Both her eyes and hair can be attributed to her Asian heritage, but those who are not Asian have a difficult time picking up on it because her appearance is more of her American father. She is on the shorter side (also because she is Asian) and small thanks to her occasional workout and calorie counting.

In terms of her personality Angelica is quiet, preferring to listen and observe her surroundings rather than draw attention to herself. She will speak when spoken to and when she finally breaks out of her shell, but that generally takes some time. She loves to laugh and have fun and is surprisingly a lover of parties. Sometimes she gets carried away and parties a little too hard but I digress. She has an unquenchable thirst for adventure. (Her mind rebels at stagnation.) Sure, she loves her lazy days but they are typically filled with things she enjoys: Netflix, books, and writing. She is very open-minded in terms of people and trying new things. She had a big heart but that is sometimes her downfall because she is very sensitive and emotional.


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