Prompt Thirty-Five

Your bedroom from the point of view of a stranger forced to occupy it for a week.

I have no idea what I’m doing here. Some girl just grabbed my arm on the street and told me she needed me for science. At first I thought she was crazy (I still kind of do), but she’s cute and gave me $10 so why not? She told me I have to stay in her room for a week. I’m free to leave and go about my business but I have to treat her apartment as if it’s home. Her roommates seem nice enough but I think they’re creeped out by the fact a strange, 40-year-old man is staying with them for a week. I probably would be too if I were in their shoes. Speaking of shoes, I’m surprised this girl doesn’t have more. My ex-wife had a whole closet for just shoes and this girl has maybe 10 pairs? Too lazy/distracted to count. Her room is pretty small but she’s small and doesn’t have too much so I guess it’s a decent size for her. Not looking forward to that bed, though. It’s an air mattress and she told me she has to refill it every day because it leaks. Maybe I can find the hole and fix it for her. I don’t really want to wake up on this hardwood floor. I already have back problems, I don’t need to make them worse. If I just go around her room next is the bookshelf she uses for her clothes. Can she not afford a dresser? I mean, I guess it’s convenient because she doesn’t have to do much digging to find something. She has a pretty red beta named Sebastian (I have to remember to feed him). This is a pretty cool shell. She has a Coke bottle with her name on it? Nice! Scratching post for her cat… Yeah, that thing’s not sleeping with me. Another bookshelf with actual books and some movies. Man, she is really into Lord of the Rings stuff. What a nerd. A lot of writing stuff… This is an… interesting painting… I like how this candle smells… I think I’ll be okay here. I just can’t open that curtain because the house next door can see right in here. I guess I just won’t wear my birthday suit.


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