Prompt Twenty-Three

1160x840ximg_1679-pagespeed-ic-iumjzibpslWhat a character holding a blue object is thinking.

With her favorite blue pen in hand she stared down at the blank page, contemplating her next move. She had been sitting at her desk for hours drinking tea, responding to texts, checking Instagram, but not writing. She had not written for so long it no longer came naturally to her; it was not like riding a bicycle. With a sigh she set her pen down and ran her fingers through her long, brown hair.ย What am I doing? she asked herself.ย Why should I even bother? She knew she needed to get back into writing. She loved it and missed it like crazy, but there was just no motivation. No fire. She reached for her pen again but instead closed her hand and pushed her chair away from the desk.ย There’s no point forcing it, she thought, collecting her empty mug and phone. Without a backwards glance she stepped out of her office, leaving her notebook just as empty as when she bought it a month ago.


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