Prompt Fourteen

article-1361614-0ae9ff4a000005dc-151_468x308“Something you had that was stolen.”

Around this time a couple years ago I was doing a bit of Christmas shopping at the mall. I had just bought myself a new fleece from Old Navy because they were on sale, and I was working there at the time so I received my employee discount on top of that. In another store I very foolishly set my shopping bag down in front of me to look at an item more closely. I stepped away for a second before remembering my bag, but when I turned around it was gone. I asked employees if they had seen anyone take it, I went to mall security, and I even asked my manager at Old Navy if there was anything that could be done. I was SOL. Granted, the fleece only cost me less than $10, but I was frustrated someone was a big enough a**hole to steal something I had just bought. And around Christmas! It took me a few days to accept what had happened and come to the conclusion that someone (hopefully) needed that fleece more than I.


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