Prompt Twelve

crazy alphabet2 - PIC“Write a story in which each sentence will begin with a different letter of the alphabet, beginning with the letter A, and moving sequentially, i.e., B, C, D, and so forth.”

After that day she was never the same. Betty used to be so happy and carefree and full of life, but now she never left the house and never smiled. Crying could be heard coming from her room whenever her parents walked past. Doctors said nothing could be done to help. Even Betty’s boyfriend could not lighten her mood. Friends gave up on her and stopped visiting and texting.

Gossip quickly spread around the school. “How did she get this way?” many would ask.

“I heard she saw something that just made her snap.”

“James told me she found a dead body in the park.”

“Kimmy says Betty is just doing this for the attention.”

Leave it to rumor-driven teenagers to spread terrible lies about their peer. Most did not know what to believe. Nobody knew the truth until…

One year after the incident Betty finally spoke. “Pink,” she told her mother, who was dropping off her lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup.

“Quickly, Harold, Betty’s saying something!”

“Repeat what you said,” Betty’s father insisted when he reached his daughter’s room.

“She said, ‘Pink.'”

“There was…” Betty continued, “a little girl at the park… and she… she had a pink crayon…”

“Uh huh,” her father said before receiving an annoyed look from his wife.

“Very slowly… she would stick it far up her nose… and… eat bits of her brain…”

“What?!” her parents cried together.


“You’re not making any sense, darling…” her mother said softly.

“Zany little girl… eating her brain… smiling at me… eating her brain… ha…”

Inspiration: Little Pink Crayon


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