Prompt Seven

mango“Make a case for your favorite fruit.”

You know what’s a really great fruit? The mango. Don’t believe me? Well this is why you should love it.

First of all, it’s pretty. Its skin can be orange, red, green, or various combinations of the three.

Second, it’s a tropical fruit that reminds me of the beach and summer, which is my favorite season.

Third, it goes great in smoothies.

Fourth, it’s the national fruit of the Philippines and I’m half Filipino. And speaking of the Philippines, mango in Tagalog is “manga,” which is also the name for Japanese comics, which is one of my many nerdy interests.

Fifth (or sixth), my mom taught me a cool way to cut it. If you cut it into thirds lengthwise on either side of the pit you can cut up both side pieces and turned the skin inside-out to fan out the juicy bits (see picture).

So those are all the reasons you should enjoy mango. If you still aren’t convinced there’s something seriously wrong with you.


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